On the weekend I was asked the question, 'How is your business going?', which was quickly followed by another question, 'Are you busy?' My response went something like this.

'No, I have enough work so that I enjoy doing it, enjoy working with the customers I have and have plenty of time with the family and for other areas of my life as well. I don't want to be busy.'

The person I was speaking with, then said something like, 'Ah isn't it interesting how society 'tells us' that we need to be busy, when we don't really.' And so the conversation continued with a discussion around being busy, or 'doing' being busy.

We noted that:

  • A standard question these days is, 'Are you busy?'
  • Another standard question is, 'How are you?', with a pretty standard response, 'Busy!',........even if not busy.
  • It has become a cultural belief that being busy means you're doing OK, or you're successful.
  • This is fed by another cultural belief that you need to be successful in others' eyes.

What are we afraid of, if we're seen to not be busy?

There's also the approach of course that if you love what you do, then you don't mind being busy, in fact it's good to be busy doing what you love!  I see this approach as then not being busy, because if it's truly what you love then the work would simply flow and be balanced with other areas of your life. So, would we still use the word 'busy'?

Perhaps the answer to this comes back to what busy means to you. Because you could use it in a positive context, or you can use it in a generic context as noted above which may just be based in fear. So it is knowing within yourself what you are really saying when using the word busy. Are you using the word busy based in fear beliefs structures?

It's interesting that at the root of fear belief structures, the root belief is simply a thought that's taken to be true. A thought. We can either choose to attach to it, or not. We are not the thought.

Forget about what society says! Can you go beyond the fear based belief of needing to be busy? Who would you be without the belief, that you need to be busy? Who would you be without the belief that you need to be successful in others' eyes?

Adyashanti uses the term, 'thinking is a tool' in one of his books. Use your tools to empower yourself and others.

How are you using this amazing tool at your disposal?