Dealing with Challenges

Events, that may be seen as challenges, happen in life. Such as illness, people doing things we may not like or agree with, natural events, delays, job circumstances changing and many other types. As humans we tend to spend a great deal of time in our minds going over the event, or worrying about the future. We wonder what’s next, what I should have said, what they shouldn’t have done, how I’ll handle the future situation, hoping we don’t get singled out, asking why me, and the list goes on. These thoughts we have induce emotions and reactions within us. We may then interact with others from this clouded view. Not the sort of place that we really want to be! We would prefer to be at peace and enjoying every moment, to be loving life and in amazing relationships.

How do we get out of the mind generated babble and find our peace? The answer can be as simple as looking at the babble, feeling the emotions and realising we’re not them. What this means is not attaching to it. It’s when we attach to the babble or emotions and think we are it, that we feel terrible and suffer.

Know that the event that happened, just happened! The event is as it is. It doesn’t become an issue until you let it, until you attach to a thought that pops into your mind.

So listen to that thought, just don’t attach to it or buy in to what it is saying. You then may realise that you’re not the thought, can accept it as just a thought and move on without the attachment and without the emotion and reaction.

The same for an emotion that does comes up, simply feel it fully, calmly and let it pass without going into a reactive state where the emotion has you in its grip. Whilst this is simple to explain it can be difficult to do, however as you practise, it becomes easier and you may well find that your mind starts to clear, you suffer less and when a ‘challenge’ does come up, you use it as an opportunity to practise some more and stay in peace.

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