Priorities are an amazing concept. When you know what yours are it provides clarity and a sense of purpose. Of course if you know what yours are and then you act on something else and ignore your priorities then you step into a bit of suffering. So aligning with your priorities can be important. With priorities here, I'm talking about 'the most important work tasks' you have on at the moment. Of course priorities can also be used in many areas of life to assist provide clarity and purpose.

Life priorities could also be called your life values. What aspects of life, what feeling states are the most important to you? Answering this honestly will point you towards your life values.

But is a priority as important as a value? How do you know which to act on first? Well, when you act out of alignment with your values you'll also feel out of sorts.

Typically our life values will go a long way towards determining whether we enjoy our work or not. So even if you have work priorities clear, if they don't align with your life values, then yes, that's right, it'll lead to some sort of suffering in the long run. That may be a feeling of uneasiness, or an underlying dissatisfaction, or just not being happy at work.

The next time you have any of these symptoms, stop and take the time to look at what you are doing at that moment and how it aligns with your life values.

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