About Big Feat Coaching

Since 2011, Amelia has consulted to businesses, and mentored and coached, working with people to achieve their business and personal goals. Amelia offers assistance in all three areas to her clients.

To grow a successful business, Amelia believes in creating an environment where people will excel. From structure, to systems, to marketing, to bottom line performance it’s all about people.

The coaching, mentoring and consulting fields have been blended by Big Feat Coaching because they all bring something different and can each play a part in assisting clients.

Amelia Harper

Amelia’s work experience extends from beginning as a young entrepener, beginner her carrer as a self-made millionaire selling her ecommerce business, she then went on to take her experiences as a female business owner in Sydney Australia to help others improve and gain more ROI.

  • Business Coaching
  • Executive Experience
  • Ability To Make Quality Coffee

Grow Your Sydney Business

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