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You are thinking about hiring a marketing expert because you believe you are not getting the most out of your marketing. Perhaps you believe you could do it better. You may not have a staff to manage your marketing, or you may believe you need to up-skill in some areas to get more bang for your marketing money.

Whatever your motivations for engaging a consultant are, you may not have committed to doing so yet. What’s the harm? Perhaps you’d like to learn more about the advantages of employing a marketing consultant for your company. Maybe you don’t sure what to anticipate or if you really need a consultant at all.

In this piece, we’ll go over everything from what a marketing consultant performs to how they can help your company. Why you should engage a consultant and whether you even need a marketing expertise. So, let’s begin from the beginning. What exactly is a marketing consultant?

Never underestimate the power of digital marketing, we’ve seen it time and time again help to change the lives of the businesses we have partnered with. Assisting businesses through a digital transformation into an online lead generating machine is a wonderful thing to be a part of.

– Emily Hall from the web design company Liquid Web NZ



Digital Marketing Consultant For Your Business

What exactly is a Marketing Consultant?

A marketing consultant is a professional marketer who may be hired into a firm to assist in improving marketing efforts by analysing and analysing your clients and developing successful tactics to help you express your business to them better.

A consultant is a highly skilled professional who has worked with firms in a wide range of areas and industries. They understand how to identify opportunities inside an organisation and how to effectively market them.

They are an expert that can examine your company model and then build a marketing strategy that will assist a firm in meeting its goals and objectives by utilising a wide range of approaches and methods. A consultant will assist you in developing a marketing strategy, deciding on the right messaging, and directing you to the most effective marketing mix to effectively deliver your message.

Furthermore, after a marketing strategy has been established, the expert will assist you in carrying it out, optimising and measuring the efficacy of your marketing and, as a result, making you more successful. They will assist your firm in growing through improved marketing.

A superb consultant is someone who is really enthusiastic about assisting firms in growing through improved marketing!

Reasons to Hire a Marketing Consultant Business is competitive; no matter what industry you are in, getting new clients or maintaining existing clients is always a problem. You do this through marketing, maybe a lot of marketing depending on your industry. Marketing takes money and effort to deliver successfully, and it is all too easy to spend money on average, mis-targeted, or wasteful marketing. As a business owner or manager, you may be managing your own marketing, which requires time that you might better use in expanding the firm or simply focused on your day job.

Some business owners have it so right; in that case, if you are content to keep doing so and have the leisure to do so, wonderful; keep up the excellent work. But what if you believe you might improve your marketing efforts? You don’t have the time to devote in producing excellent marketing, or your previous campaign didn’t function as well as it should?

Marketing is always on the move; technology is always on the move, and new chances and ways to reach out to your clients are continuously evolving, especially when it comes to the internet.

If your company has been around for a while, you almost certainly have a website. Customers will find you because of your website, they will be able to explore your products and services through it, they will be able to interact and maybe purchase through it. But the internet is evolving swiftly, what happens when your website becomes unable to serve its role? How can you recognise when your website isn’t operating as well as it should? This is when a consultant can come in handy. Either to create a new site or to upgrade the digital real estate that you already have.

“Marketing consultants do more than simply look at your website; they can give insight into marketing best practises, they stay up to speed on the newest tactics and methods, and they understand how to make marketing work harder for your company.”

Rachel Klaver Marketing Strategist and Coach at Identify Marketing Australia

  1. Marketing Consultants are marketing experts. Marketing consultants make a livelihood through marketing; it’s their day job. They live and breathe marketing, advertising, and digital marketing, and have the expertise and expertise to know what works and what doesn’t, so avoiding costly blunders. A competent consultant will be able to give guidance and insight based on their working expertise of that channel or platform, so avoiding errors, wasting time, or missing chances. They have “been there” and “seen that,” and will be able to better guide and manage existing marketing efforts, as well as urge you to employ increasingly profitable avenues.

Professional consultants will do the thinking for you, help you build successful ideas faster, and may be a marketing shortcut to success.

2. Consultants help you save time. A excellent consultant has a lot of experience, which means they can do marketing duties considerably faster than you or someone on your team who is learning on the job. They understand marketing best practises and will produce results faster since they know how to study or prepare rapidly. They are considerably more efficient with their time.

Delegating your marketing to a consultant or professional frees you up to focus on what matters most: operating your business! You will have more time to focus on the operations of the firm, keep up with company admin, or spend more time with your clients if you delegate marketing responsibilities to someone else.

3. They have a strong network. Consultants will already have a network of professionals and connections that will be able to meet any requirements you may have; you can take use of this network as well. From SEO gurus to designers, printers to media buyers, they will have a team of persons and organisations that they have worked with in the past that will assist you in getting the task done swiftly and efficiently.

A competent consultant has connections with experts and specialists who can carry out different types of marketing successfully and efficiently. You won’t have to waste time bringing individual needs to market, seeking quotations, or evaluating vendors to get the task done. You may rely on their network to move quicker and accomplish more in less time.

4. Marketing consultants improve marketing effectiveness. You’re undoubtedly already spending money on marketing as a business. But do you know what works and how effectively it works? Is it possible to make it better? A marketing professional will be able to determine what is and isn’t working for you. Providing insight on how to enhance it and create a higher return. They will be able to optimise your current efforts or point you in the direction of new or more profitable channels.

A consultant will be able to advise you on where to invest more and where to cut back or cease spending. Even with the expense of hiring them, they will be able to create efficiency and optimise activities, providing a larger return on your marketing spending and swiftly repaying their own expenditures.


Do I require the services of a marketing consultant?

When should you think about employing a marketing professional? There are several reasons why firms opt to hire or want a marketing specialist. Sometimes customers require assistance with a project or launch, and other times the engagement is on a more long-term basis, assisting in the creation and execution of whole marketing campaigns. We have listed some of the reasons why firms use marketing consultants and highlighted some of the situations when you should consider hiring a marketing expert below. If you answered yes to any of the nine questions below, you’ll need the assistance of a professional marketing specialist.

If this is the case, please contact us and we can discuss how we can assist you.

You may require the services of a marketing consultant if:

1. You have a team that is inexperienced. Perhaps you have a fresh marketing team, or marketing is managed by employees who are not necessarily trained marketers? Bringing on a marketing specialist may provide expertise and assistance, as well as strategy and emphasis.

You could even have a marketing staff, but it is lacking in a certain skill set. They may be internet-obsessed or have no digital abilities at all. It might be a skill set in which you are not prepared to completely invest with a full-time employee. A consultant can help you fill in the gaps in your experience and test the waters.

You may have the personnel, but you require strategic direction. Again, a consultant might be hired to establish the course and develop the marketing strategy.

2. Your company is not expanding. If your firm has plateaued and it is becoming increasingly difficult to generate growth, now is a fantastic opportunity to bring in some fresh eyes to assist drive the firm ahead. It’s possible that your marketing has become stale or stagnated, that the company has to expand along new lines, or that you’re only gaining new consumers as rapidly as you’re losing them.

Whatever the issue, a consultant may be called in to take a long, hard look at how you run and uncover new methods to advertise your business and design a winning plan that will result in growth.

3. In times of difficulty, you need someone to contact. A crisis can hit a business at any moment; it can be a large PR catastrophe that need a crisis communications strategy, or it may be a minor issue that need attention, such as a negative review or a difficult customer on social media. Whatever the problem, sometimes you simply need to talk about it with someone. An individual who is unattached to the company and can think clearly in times of crisis. Another advantage that a marketing specialist may provide is that they are constantly available via phone. They understand how to effectively manage bad circumstances and will teach you how to address the issue with the least amount of disruption to your business and time.

4. You’re having trouble getting inquiries. Increasing the number of inquiries and new clients is crucial for every organisation. Regardless of how your business functions, you will always need to replace clients who have left, customers who no longer need your services, or consumers who already possess your product.

It’s possible that you’re getting inquiries but not enough of them, that they’re of poor quality, or that you simply aren’t getting the inquiries you need to expand. Marketers will collaborate with you and your team to design methods to increase the volume or quality of inquiries. They can assist in developing a strategy for creating new business. They can create and implement a strategy to propel your company ahead.

5. Your marketing ROI is not where it should be. Do you believe your marketing efforts aren’t yielding the desired results? Investing in marketing may be costly, and unless it is productive, it can be a significant drain on your budget. A consultant can advise you where you’re doing wrong and help you make tough decisions like where to cut back or spend more. A smart consultant can also improve the results on existing marketing initiatives by applying their specialised knowledge to slow or underperforming channels. 6. You are not tracking your marketing efforts. You must track your marketing ROI in order to comprehend it. To be able to optimise your current efforts, you must track their performance. You may be pleased with the quantity of inquiries received for your investment, but failing to identify where those leads or sales are coming from can lead to inefficiencies and prevent you from doubling down on the most efficient channels or removing expenditure from lesser performing media.

A consultant will use technology like as analytical tools, call monitoring software, or promotional code tracking software to better understand not just where leads or sales are coming from, but also the quality of those inquiries.

They will be able to examine the whole marketing function, assess processes and procedures, and make the required modifications to allow for this degree of analysis. 7. Marketing is not a top concern for you. Your company may have expanded as a result of having a fantastic product or providing good service. You may be an entrepreneur who is always looking for the next great thing, or marketing may just not be your thing. You know you have to do it, but you lack the concentration to do so.

Whether you are a fast-paced entrepreneur or just lack the ability to focus on the company and marketing, a consultant might be hired to do this for you. Consider a consultant as a member of your marketing team; they can design it, execute it, and give the reports you require to manage it, freeing up your time to focus on your priorities and run your firm.

You don’t know who your target audience is. It is critical to understand who your consumers are. To correctly target new business, you must not only know who your consumer is, but also what motivates them, when they need your product, when you should approach them, and so on.

Understanding your client properly will have an influence on all aspect of your organisation, from the placement of your product or service to the price of your product or service, your sales process, and your customer retention methods. If you don’t know who your consumer is or believe that your consumers are anybody or anything, you might be passing up enormous potential to obtain a larger share of your market.

They will assist you in identifying your consumers and will provide you with a deeper insight of what they want and their motives, which is vital knowledge if you are to promote your business effectively and properly. 9. You’re marketing without a strategy. Are you purchasing advertising from cold callers, or are you doing a little of this and a little of that? If it’s functioning, that’s terrific, but how much better might it be if it was properly coordinated? If it isn’t working, you should be getting warning signals.

Many companies invest on marketing without a strategy. But how do you know whether you’re doing the correct thing, what’s working for you, and what isn’t? A marketing professional will assist you in developing a marketing plan and, as a result, a strategy that will assist you in meeting your business goals and objectives.

Why Not Conduct Your Own Marketing?

You simply cannot (and should not) do it all on your own unless you are a marketing guru AND a master multitasker. Many businesspeople have a misunderstanding of what marketing is and how important it is in the long run in establishing a firm. In truth, marketing is the driving force behind the sort of growth that gets investment money, generates and nurtures leads, and establishes a firm that will last for years.

Consider Your Alternatives Assuming you recognise the need and value of marketing, if you are unable to conduct it directly, you have two basic options:

Outsourcing to a marketing consultant or agency, or doing it yourself

Using a full- or part-time marketing officer and a team of marketing professionals to carry out their objectives.

Both options offer advantages and downsides, but the second has far more downsides than the first. These include the expense of needing to monitor and manage the individual, the costs of having more staff members, such as sick leave, employee benefits, and temporary replacement during vacations, and the danger that the marketers you can afford may not have the particular skills you require.

The Advantages of Hiring a Marketing Consultant This leaves you with just one option: hire a consultant (or consultancy/agency) to handle your marketing. Whatever the technicalities, there’s a compelling argument to be made for going this path.

#1: Acquire Specialized Knowledge When times are rough, you want the best. That is tough to afford full-time, but when you hire a marketing consultant, you simply pay for a fraction of his or her time. This makes the entire idea more affordable for smaller businesses. You not only obtain the services you require, but you also receive the specific skill set of specialists for a fraction of the cost. Look for a marketer that specialises in a certain form of marketing that is vital to your company, such as demand creation or lead development.

#2: Take Advantage of Software Access Marketing is nearly all digital these days, with dozens of software solutions available for activities like as online advertising, lead generation, email marketing, social network management, website content management, and prospect nurturing. Hiring a consultant allows you to focus on operating your business rather than figuring out which applications to utilise. Marketing consultancies rely on tried-and-true software that they have previously acquired. These are frequently made accessible to their consumers, saving you the cost of purchasing the applications.

#3: Keep abreast on current events. Keeping up with trends is one of the most difficult tasks for a business owner. When you have your own industry to manage as well as marketing, things may become a little chaotic. To stay current, marketing consultants must adhere to the most recent and effective tactics. They attend conferences and events, read marketing journals, and keep up with the newest trends on their own dime, bringing this information to the table for use in the implementation of your plan. Ad purchasing and sponsored search, for example, are ever-changing fields, and it’s critical to understand how to select the best bidding techniques for your company.

#4: Put in the Time Much of digital marketing is “free” or low-cost, but there is one thing that raises the cost: your time. How much money would you lose if you spend an hour a day monitoring your online advertising channels or creating articles to highlight your thought leadership on your blog? And if you (or your in-house marketers) make a mistake, it might result in a missed opportunity to reach a consumer who is ready to buy.

Marketing experts, on the other hand, have tools at their disposal to take over time-consuming daily activities such as updating Instagram, writing a new blog post, or reviewing the bidding on your programmatic ad buys.

A marketing consultant can help you whether you’re unsure about building a thorough marketing plan for your firm, selecting technology, staying current on trends, or making efficient use of social media. A consultant may be a great answer if you need a little push to start advertising your business and obtaining consumers, or if you need an additional set of hands to get your marketing done.

What are the drawbacks of investing in a small business marketing consultant?

Investing in a small business marketing consultant will pay dividends for your business, but it may also put strains on other aspects of your business if you don’t do your research and hire the right team/specialist.

Should I hire a small business marketing consultant?

If you aren’t willing to invest in addressing the challenges that come up, then you should not hire a small business marketing consultant.

What are the benefits of freelance consultants?

Freelance consultants are experienced in working solo and have the motivation to get the agreed work completed to a high standard by the deadline. When you do the costings, they come out way more cost-efficient than hiring a permanent member of staff.

What are the benefits of outsourcing marketing?

Outsourcing saves you money You get a higher level of expertise for your money It’s a flexible commitment You’ll spend less time on people management Let’s go into each of these benefits in a bit more detail.

What are the benefits of hiring a marketing consultant?

When you hire a small business marketing consultant you get a subject matter expert who can help guide your business in the right direction.