Twitch Streamer Agency

Twitch Streamer Agency

Twitch evolved from an excellent platform for gaming brands to advertise on, and now even non-gaming brands leverage its popularity. As with any platform, finding the right influencer with the right content to match your brand is key. If you’re looking for a Twitch streamer agency to break into Twitch, contact us, at Cloutboost.

What’s the benefit of hiring influencers to market our brand?

Internet marketing revolutionized advertising for brands, and social media was responsible for the majority of it. Brands started leveraging content on platforms like YouTube or Twitch to carry out target advertising in an organic way. With influencers, you ensure that your brand reaches your target demographic and attracting new customers easily.

The other benefit of using influencers is how easy it is to partner with them to forge a win-win relationship. You win by targeted advertising to a relevant demographic, and they win by receiving payment for creating relevant content.

There are two problems with traditional advertising:

  • It is harder to reach the audience you want at the right time, and
  • It’s difficult to keep them engaged

You can now leave it to influencers to create a diverse range of content that engages your audience. They can do review videos, unboxing, and giveaways that are fun to watch for their viewers. More engagement translates to more purchases.

Advertising platforms for gaming brands

Although YouTube is the most popular video platform on the planet with options to live stream, Twitch is by far the most popular in the gaming niche. While YouTube does have a wider reach due to its popularity, users spend far more time on Twitch. Mixer is also a new platform targeting gamers, backed by Microsoft and similar to Twitch.

So, the question is, which one of these platforms suit your brand? YouTube is more diverse in terms of demographics and content, where Twitch users are mostly gamers and males. If your goal is to market your gaming product to a new audience, YouTube would be better. If your goal is to introduce your non-gaming product to gamers, Twitch would be a great option.

Overall, the great thing about this multitude of platforms is that you can reach a broad audience. If your brand needs help with Twitch, our Twitch streamer agency can help you find the right influencer and the right marketing strategies.

What kinds of brands work with Twitch?

The brands that gain the most are obviously gaming brands. Some games like Punch Club and The Culling, Twitch is behind 25% of their sales. The reason is that there’s more engagement between viewers and influencers on Twitch because people spend more time on there.

However, this is not to say that non-gaming brands had no success with Twitch. Even makeup brands like MAC Cosmetics are partnering with female gamers to market their products. Other brands boasting Twitch’s success include chocolate, automobile, and internet brands.

Looking for a Twitch streamer agency to hook you up with a great influencer? Call us at Cloutboost, where we use the latest in data analytics to match brands to influencers.